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El Pueblo Pity Party

By on April 29, 2007

Here are some brilliant deflection and misdirection of the real issues and the United States laws by Tony Asion, the spokesman for El Pueblo, a group that works for rights and support for the illegal immigrant population in North Carolina.

They would say they work for cultural understanding, but we see that understanding means handouts gifts and over and above favoritism in the face of facts.

Here Tony Asion tries to find blame in everyone other than drunk drivers in the Latino community. He acknowledges that 19% of drunk driving incidents are surrounding Latinos on North Carolina streets, though the state has only 7% overall.

Asion, goes on to blame, lack of community support, lonliness, lack of understanding of the laws (NO DUH, thats how they got here.).

Here are some article excerpts:

Additionally, Hispanics frequently don’t understand the state’s DWI laws, and a machismo attitude discourages them from admitting they’re too drunk to drive, he said.

They also tend not to understand immigration laws, auto insurance laws, or leaving the scene of hit and run laws. Let’s not prtend this is a language barrier this is a “respect for the law barrier”.

My family is hispanic, they drive safely, they are legal immigrants who went through alot of waiting and fees to earn that status, they understand the driving laws, they read the DMV manual, they respect the laws, they have insurance, they dont demand things that are not theirs, they did it withing the rules.

In a survey of 900 Hispanic men in the Triad, Triangle and Charlotte areas conducted by El Pueblo, 83 percent said they didn’t know the penalties for driving drunk, Asion said. Half of them said they didn’t know the legal limit of intoxication, while 25 percent said they thought they were OK to drive after four drinks.

Well a recent Zogby poll says 58% of Illegal mexicans believe Texas still belongs to Mexico, so the concept of soverign nation, laws, borders and safe driving practices all escape them. The point being that it is a respect and common sense of the laws that is the problem, not lack of Spanish language drivers manuels.

Many Hispanics work six days a week for 10 to 12 hours a day, so they’re exposed to “larger amounts of stress and lower amounts of social support,” Puente said. That, combined with lack of knowledge about the laws, makes it a much more volatile situation than normal, he said.

Many people of all races work long hours, but only the hispanics, and more likely Illegal Immigrant percentage of hispanics, have a rate of DWI triple the state average. If you are working longer than all others, that may be because you are here Illegally, you are a criminal and you are illegally on foreign soil. If you feel exploited to the point of drinking, then perhaps we should also discuess the exploitation of the nations schools and health care to which you are the cause and not effect. Criminals should not seek sympathy from those they steal from.

It’s like telling someone to “quit smoking cigarettes without providing alternate ways to relieve their stress,” he said.

Perhaps El Pueblo should address this need for stress relief to the government of Mexico. Where is the blame and requests to the nation that handed them poverty? How is this the fault and problem of the US? The US’s problem is to revome the criminals, not provide them free therapy, benefits, health care, education and in state tuition.

Get a full grasp on the pity party and propaganda article that at no point uses the word Illegal immigrant, criminal, illegal or resident status in the entire article. He rants about the “needs or these victims and “shortcoming of everyone” but the people who are here illegally breaking laws everyday with their presence.

Ill reserve my pity for the countless honest American citizens murdered by this drunk driving group of mainly illegal immigrants.

El Pueblo Pity Party

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