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Dump Lindsey Graham

By on June 29, 2007

Weeks ago we were a part of the original wave of Dump Lindsey Graham web movements. Michelle Malkin brought huge attention to our Lindsey Graham countdown clock to the tune of about 12,000 readers from her site. We appreciate her support on that idea.

Now a few weeks have passed and the Dump Lindsey Graham websites and blogs are spreading faster than illegals in Charlotte public schools. I dont think there will be any forgetting of this issue for Lindsey.

I will be interested if he chooses to rerun at all or opts out of reelection to avoid the public blasting and exposure he will take from angry South Carolinians.

I hope this example being made of Mr. Graham reminds the senate who they work for and whos interests they have their jobs to serve.

Enjoy some of the best on the web of the Dump Lindsey movement well underway.

The dump lindsey graham blog which covers a good deal of Lindseys past record
his dealings with La Raza, Ted Kennedy and other recent anti legal American banter.

Michelle Malkin covering the explosion of Dump Lindsey Graham websites and activity on the net including our original Lindsey Graham Countdown Clock.
She linked to our live counter to the end of the political career of Lindsey Graham.

A site maintained by South Carolinians whose intent is to defeat our Senator Lindsey Graham, due to his votes on conservative issues.

A great site for the recall of Lindsey Graham which shows alot of good images of his new friends. See Lindsey get romantic with Hillary and Ted Kennedy while thanking La Raza help him fight the white biggots.

The Conservative Times brief thread with some good comment posts from locals that are eager to get to the voting booths and defeat Lindsey for good.

Lindsey Graham for President '08 Sticker (Bumper)

Bigots unite against the anti-american racist rhetoric of Lindsey Graham. You can see some nice links to show what La Raza really is and why Lindsey hung himself when he
buddied up to this race group.

126 Comments already on who will replace Lindsey Graham when his career ends next year.
Can Jeff Katz move to South Carolina?

Coverage of the many lies in the Amnesty bill and reference to our Lindsey Graham countdown clock on his career.

Toast Lindsey Graham

Another South Carolina Voter’s site with a good sense of humor to go with a need to remove the senator that represented La Raza over South Carolinians.

Dump Lindsey Graham

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