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Ron Paul And Gay Rights

By on June 5, 2007

“we dont get our rights because we are “gay or women or minorities”, we get our rights as indiviuals”

- Ron Paul

I am not thinking about all gay rights but more just the answer to the “gays in the Military issue” that was posed to the candidates tonight.

It is unfortunate that Ron Paul got his teeth into the answer before the rest could try to answer.

Ron Paul delivered an answer so profound and exactly to the point that it was hard not to feel choked up by his understanding of Americans.

Ron Paul said he doesn’t think about the policies as they pertain to groups, people are not groups people are themselves individuals and what group you say they belong to doesn’t define them.

He said policy will be base on behaviors and not grouping as that is a biggoted line of thinking in itself.

These are not his exact words but he clearly and thinking in his answer.

If homosexual behavior disrupts the military it should be removed and if heterosexual behavior disrupts the military it too should be removed.

Ron Paul understand human rights and is so basic, honest and refreshing that he stands out on a stage of lifetime politicians and wannabe politicians.

Ron Paul And Gay Rights

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