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Pat McCrory Was Right

By on July 12, 2007

AP – “Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory said he stands by his comments about black youth despite a call from the local NAACP to apologize.

McCrory said he commented accurately when he wrote that “too many of our youth, primarily African American, are imitating and/or participating in a gangster type of dress, attitude, behavior and action.”

His remarks came in a July 5 letter to the city manager in which McCrory congratulated police for their presence the night before, when 169 people – mostly black – were arrested in uptown.

Ken White, president of the Charlotte Branch of the NAACP, said Wednesday that the mayor’s comments painted “African American youth with a broad swath that cuts deep in many of our communities.”

“Everyone is aware that black people have been saddled with many negative stereotypes,” White said. “Mr. McCrory’s comments reinforce that stereotype especially to those inclined to hold on to racist thinking and behavior.”

White said the mayor’s letter would have been fine had he not singled out black youth.

McCrory said he understands his remarks offended some people. But, citing statistics showing more than 60 percent of Charlotte’s gang members are black, McCrory said he wouldn’t write the letter any differently today.”

“We in this community pride ourselves in equality and justice” The NAACP speakers stated in a press conference a week later.

This justice doesnt seem to include justice for other ethinic groups and honest citizens that continue to see 85% of crimes at public events from the community that the NAACP represents.

We are still awaiting the press conference from the NAACP where they do something, anything to help the entire community rid themselves of the problems downtown.

The NAACP is so incredibly blind and racist in light of the statistics and facts, that they should be apologizing to the mayor and to the 95% of the community that is trying to live in a safe community.

If the NAACP is willing to give 145 apologees for every arrest that supports the statements of Pat McCrory, then perhaps that can get there 1 apology for having their feelings hurt by the truth.

I for one an sick of the NAACP and their attempts to divide communities for their own benefit. The day there is no “racism”, the NAACP staff would have to go out and get real jobs, this is why they divide america ad fill blacks with hatred, its called “job security”.

The NAACP solves nothing and takes responsibility for nothing.

Continue reading about the race baiting and dividing force known as the NAACP here on our friend Michelle Malkin’s website.

Pat McCrory Was Right

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