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Never Say Amnesty

By on August 5, 2007

pollingreport.jpgA reader dropped this link to a number of immigration polls regarding the recent bill to give AMNESTY to 15 million illegal aliens in the United States.

There are polls from many sources in the ‘main strem media’, and they all phrase their questions to dance around the issue. What I found interesting that prompted its own article is that the word “amnesty” is never used by any one of the main stream media outlets in these polls.

Most Americans know that is what was being proposed, you are giving away citizenship to 15-20 million people.

My question is…who are they fooling? The polls seem pretty loaded and still 2 to 1 against it.

The media and congress worked so hard to sell us a line of bullshit, but in the end American’s saw through the lies and manipulation.

This page has multiple polls from :
USA Today
CNN/Opinion Research Corporation
NBC News
Wall Street Journal
Los Angeles Times
CBS News
New York Times
Quinnipiac University Poll
Newsweek Poll
Princeton Survey Research Associates
FOX News
Associated Press
Washington Post Poll
And others……..


Why the hush hush? half of congress was saying it…..70% of the country was saying it… why are none of these “news” outlets saying it to the people they are polling?

Look at the screenshot I cropped and see how long the page is. There are ALOT of polls shown here, none say the word once.
Or just visit the page and see these polls dance around the word that we all knew to be the truth.

For the most part the polls’ outcomes say what all american’s (not in congress) already know, which is 2 to 1 Americans dont want amnesty or any benefits for criminal aliens hiding in our country.

Not hiding all that well though as I learned at breakfast at IHOP on American Independence Day.

I responded to this reader that most of these polls seem to try and divide the huge majority that is against the Immigration reform by using “levels of support” in the responses. I think the most clear cut of all the polls said this:

The closet one to a plain yes/no is:

CBS News/New York Times Poll. May 18-23
Should ILLEGAL immigrants be prosecuted and deported for being in the U.S. illegally, or shouldn’t they?”
69% say yes – 24% say no


Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg Poll
”Generally speaking, do you think that illegal immigrants help or harm the nation’s economy, or do you think they neither help nor harm the nation’s economy?”
54% Said HARM – 24% said help.

I also quote other sources to show the clear and unwavering support for enforcing current laws:

““In the most recent Rasmussen Reports poll regarding the bill, released on June 6, only 23 percent of voters support the bill. ”
Which is from here.

““Zogby Interactive poll of 8,300 representative adults nationwide found only 38 percent supported the bill currently being considered by the Senate, while 56 percent opposed it.”
Which is frmo here.

Never Say Amnesty

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