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A Soldier Comes Home

By on September 11, 2007

Found this linking to our site, and our site labeled as a favorite link. I will take that as permission to use this large snippet and help focus some attention away from Iraq and onto the other battlefront against those who hate American’s they have never known.

This is from here:

We welcome Todd Larkin back to a more peaceful life that he helped to make possible.


“Well my last Blog from Afghanistan, there were times I never thought this would happen and times I wanted it to happen that day. It’s been an experience and an adventure I will never forget and will always remember some of the things I’ve seen and done for the last year. I never thought it would be like this and never thought I would do and see the things I’ve done or seen. So a year in Afghanistan and I’m heading home, at times it seems the year went by fast and then I think about how much Bayleigh has grown and I realize its been along time and I’ve missed a lot in her life and my family’s life.. So the next year you can bet I will be making up for every minute…

My Mom asked me if I could go back to the day I signed my contract with the Army and if I would do it again. I’m not really sure what I would do, I’ve learned a lot and done a lot of things only a few civilians can say they’ve done and seen, but I’ve missed a lot of things as well. It’s hard to decide but I’m glad I did this and I’m glad I had the opportunities I’ve had over here. I will miss the people I’ve made friends with. I will miss the “good kids” and the Elders. I can’t say I will miss them enough to stay any longer but its time to be with my family and friends back home. Its time to continue on with my life back in the States, there is so much I have missed and ready to do all those things as much as I can.

I have a lot of memories I will take with me, from all the Med Caps to all the lunches with the Elders. It’s been fun and I have a great story to tell when I get home and can’t wait to tell it. I will always remember the smiles from the kids when we gave them something or when we returned their thumbs up… There is still a lot of work to be done over here but I know people will continue my goal and hopefully things will continue to change for the better and will one day be the Afghanistan of the 60’s and 70’s.”

Thank you to Mr. Larkin for the opportunities of a free nation that you did your part in making for my children.

Read the rest of this article here.

I would hope Michele Malkin could pick up a work from Todd’s site and offer this exposure for one of thousands of soldiers that are rightfully proud of all they have done for us all. I know you stop in here Michele, so give the guy some press.

You can see what the world calls the evil empire, as they hand out books, clothes and supplies to children that may someday be taught to hate American’s with no real reason.

America is a symbol of prosperity and our allies know that we can share our prosperity and grow together. Exchanging in peace and in trade helps all the world grow, while those who build a following based solely on hate offer no future for these children.

A Soldier Comes Home

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