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Sue Myrick Denounces Calderon

By on September 11, 2007

Myrick Denounces Mexican President for Criticizing American Laws

(Washington, D.C.) — Today, Rep. Sue Myrick (NC-9) denounced Mexican President Felipe Calderón’s State of the Union speech. President Calderón delivered the speech on September 2, 2007. In the speech he stated “Mexico does not end at the border. Wherever there is a Mexican, Mexico will be there”. He also said he categorically rejected the “construction of a wall on our common border”.

“The President of Mexico’s speech was just brought to my attention. I am shocked and appalled at his comments. It amounts to him declaring that Mexicans in the US do not have to live by our laws! Further he denounces America for trying to secure its own borders. That’s pretty hypocritical when Mexico has secured its southern border with its military! President Calderón should focus on the countless problems he has in his own country rather than make comments about how we handle our immigration problems. And I can tell you, no matter what he says, I’m going to continue to push for tighter border security and more immigration enforcement!” – Rep. Sue Myrick

Below is the section of President Calderón’s speech that deals with American immigration policies:

“Finally, I have said that Mexico does not end at the border, that wherever there is a Mexican Mexico is there; this is why the actions of the Government in favor of our migrating countrymen is guided by principles, by the defense and protection of their rights, by prevention for detecting measures that may affect our people and by the professionalism we must offer our co-nationals.

For this reason, we are already using all the resources of our consular network for the benefit of Mexicans abroad.

On behalf of the Mexican Government, I again strongly protest the unilateral measures taken by the United States Congress and Government, measures that are making the persecution and humiliating treatment of undocumented Mexican workers worse.

The insensitivity shown toward those who contribute a great deal to the economy and to society in the United States has been incentive to redouble our battle to gain recognition of their enormous contribution to the economies of both nations and to defend their rights.

Therefore, the Government of Mexico will continue to firmly insist to both countries’ societies and Governments on the necessity of comprehensive immigration reform and of categorically rejecting construction of a wall on our common border.

Sue Myrick Denounces Calderon

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