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Ron Paul Debate Video

By on October 11, 2007


Since television won’t give equal air time or ofer an open ear to candidates like Ron Paul, we will dedicate some time herew today. I am not sure what candidates are “like Ron Paul” as he is a one of a kind offering. The recent MSNBC debate gave us a few more great deliveries from Ron Paul, and then in this video we see the normal post debate response of the media to insult the 10 term congressman. I am not sure what debate the Hardball media hacks are watching, but they keep seeing Giuliani winning these exchanges with Ron Paul?

Well, watch for yourself, and you tell me who seems to have a better understanding of world poitics and a vision for what can save/ruin America.

I am confident every person not trying to spin will come to the same conclusion on these exchanges between Paul and Giuliani.

Ron Paul Debate Video

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