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Venezuelans Gather In Charlotte

By on November 3, 2007

The Charlotte Observer covers the event tomorrow that will bring Venezuelans together to unite in the hope that the communist infestation in their country will not be a lasting one.

Most educated Venezuelans that are able to escape Venezuela or immigrate to the US are not likely to believe the rhetoric of Hugo Chavez as he paints America as the problem. Venezuelans as a whole have long been a great friend, fan and ally of the US. Only through the recent indoctrination of hatred and class wars has Chavez torn the population in half for his own personal gain.

* I am happy to say I will be in attendance tomorrow to get pictures of Venezuelans that still enjoy free speech in the United States. Photos to follow.




From the observer:

“Event to pray for Venezuela set for Sunday at Freedom Park

Venezuelans in Charlotte will gather with other Latinos on Sunday morning in Freedom Park for a meal and to pray for the future of Venezuela.

Organizers said the gathering is a chance for Venezuelans and their friends to unite and share their struggles, ideas, and goals for their country. Many local Venezuelans left their homeland to escape the government of President Hugo Chavez and continue to worry about the country’s future. The group will meet at 11 a.m. at Shelter 6. — Franco OrdoƱez”

This is why they gather this week.

Venezuelans Gather In Charlotte

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