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USA Today Censors Paul

By on January 30, 2008

DLxgdJeZdLYWe have already reported on the media censoring and omitting Ron Paul from its’ coverage. It is very clear and indisputable that mainstream media sources are intentionally removing Ron Paul from their coverage to purposely damage his campaign chances.

We have shown the New York Times, MSNBC and Fox News all doing the exact same thing. In every opportunity or every time Ron Paul shows clear popularity it will fail to make the media. When Ron Paul has a political win like Nevada or raises far more money than any other candidate in either party in the History of our country, it doesn’t even make the news.
($6,000,000 in one day, beating John Kerry’s old mark).

Do you know Ron Paul gets more donation money from active military than any other Republican?

Yep, Ron Paul and not John “Juan” McCain is the choice of the active military.

Is this news? sounds like a very powerful endorsement to me.

Here is a video to highlight the USA Today newspaper doing it again. The picture of the candidates with Ron Paul intentionally cut out is another undeniable piece of evidence that this is intentional.

I would hope Mr. Paul would seek legal response to the purposeful actions in the media to suppress his campaign.

Doubters should ask themselves, “is it really possible that the candidate to have the greatest fundraising day in history of our country not even worthy of news?”

Is not this and all other fundraising victories a clear sign of popularity despite what the media does not say?

The news today says that McCain, Romney, Huckabee and Giuliani are all running out of money from their campaigns. Ron Paul who has out fundraised all of them has huge amounts of donations still at his disposal. The donations Paul receives are in small quantities and from ordinary (non-corporate) donors and still far exceed the money raised by John McCain or Mike Huckabee.

Ask yourself why CNN, with the “best political team on television”, and broadcasting the election 12 hours per day has not found time to mention these facts?

USA Today Censors Paul

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