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Dreams of My Marketing Staff

By on June 3, 2009

Today NANCY BENAC of the AP spun out a fluff story just as requested by the liberal poppetmasters. Today’s goal was to pretend there is some hint of military honor somewhere in Barrack Hussein Obama’s bloodline.

The same reporters that havnt found a birth certificate or school records, somehow managed to completely detail the heroic life of someone related to the current president. The story is titled “Obama’s Gramps: Gazing skyward on D-Day in England” and is intended on making everyone teary eyed for the great history of service of the Obamas.

But you wont find the name Obama in the story, since barracks black lineage is pretty much missing in action. The facts are we cant find much black influence in his upbringing until its an election cycle and the left needs to use the race card to secure the inner city support. The article features doazens of pictures of his mothes side of the family and some obscure references to “great-uncles” who were in the army to some degree.

So from the loss of life and service of his “great uncle” Obama plans to grab all the shameless press he can. The president will visit the site of a nazi camp where his great-uncle served in combat.

He will give a speech and try to pretend he has some connection to Service and Honor.

All this one day before announcing its OK for Iran to have Nuclear capabilities.
I wonder if hell give a speech at the smoldering hole that was Isreal when he enables that sitauation to occur?

Maybe he has another white great great half uncle that once went there too?

Dreams of My Marketing Staff

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