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Concord Mills Censorship

By on July 28, 2009

In the tradition of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, Concord Mills Mall has decided to not allow a vendor to sell anti Obama T-shirts. I was in the mall 7 days ago and Obamanation has a Kiosk that sells pictures of Obama’s face editted on Superman, and Dwight Howard Dunking with pro black messages and “yes we did” propaganda.

We have pics of the offensive tshirts here.

But the Kiosk a few hundred yards away with messages that dislike the president gets its’ lease canceled.

One angry liberal wrote a complaining letter and this all went into motion. Free speech is only for people who love the black messiah apparently, which is how it works in Communist nations like Venezuela and Cuba.

In the Socialist/communist Obama regime if you sell a Tshirt that says “global warming is a hoax” then your business will be shut down.

(forget the fact that average temps have dropped since 2001, almost 9 years straight. Because facts don’t have any place in the liberal world.)

Not even true liberals that support free speech can be found for comment, since objecting to the “historic” gimmick president will get you tossed out of the Daily Kos and Huffington mailing lists.

Here is a nice story convering the details from here on the web:

The lease for Free Market Warrior is up July 31, and owners of the Concord Mills mall had said they would not renew it — it’s a landlord-tenant matter. But supporters of “the warrior” say it’s about free speech and politics, and they are protesting, boycotting and — from the looks of it — buying up every anti-Obama bumper sticker and T-shirt in stock to make their stand.

What were people buying? Bumper stickers: “Al Qaida’s 2 favorite days: 9/11/01 & 11/4/08,” “Global Warming Is a Hoax,” “About that Civil War thing . . . N.C. never actually surrendered” and “Defend America. Fight Obama!” (with that last phrase in red). Posters of conservative heroes Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. A T-shirt for babies: “My parents chose life. Thanks mom and dad.”

Outside, more than 50 protesters stood in sticky, 90-plus degree heat, lining the road outside Concord Mills, which is owned by Simon Property Group and is located about 17 miles north of Charlotte and a couple of miles from Lowe’s Motor Speedway. They held signs that read “What Next, Banning Books,” “Boycott Concord Mills” and “Why Don’t Liberals Support Free Speech?” and waved at passing cars; some honked back. They put down the signs and migrated inside when word came that Loren Spivack — owner of Free Market Warrior — was meeting with mall management and greeting visitors.

Mall offices were closed on Sunday, according to the security guard who eventually shooed me away for reporting without permission, but Spivack said he spoke with mall manager Ray Soporowski, the first conversation since the controversy started. They did not come to any conclusion, Spivack said, but agreed to talk again on Monday.

The saga has been featured in blogs and conservative websites and has been taken up as a cause by — as said in awe by those who surrounded the kiosk on Sunday afternoon — Glenn Beck on his Fox News Channel show and the “Drudge Report.” It started as a news story on WCNC in Charlotte on Wednesday that had close to 1,000 comments by Sunday night, most in support of Spivack and his merchandise.

“This resonates among liberals old enough to remember when free speech was a liberal issue,” said David Pasek, 55, a retired Charlotte primary-care physician, as he stood in the sun. The lesson of the 20th century is “nations that silence the opposition self-destruct.” He doesn’t care for President Obama’s health care plan, either.

Hailey Wilson, a writer for the Charlotte Conservative Examiner, stood beside him. The 23-year-old joked that she is not happy about the boycott for one reason: “As a young girl, I should be allowed to shop.” She is committed, though, and has been following the story since Spivack got word he would have to leave the mall.

He leased the space in spring and said things were going fine until an offended passerby wrote a letter to The Charlotte Observer and mall management.

Concord Mills Censorship

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