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Children’s Book For A Cause

By on November 20, 2009

Justin MisuracaJustin Misuraca traveled a long way to meet his wife and share a family, and now it has manifested itself in full color for a great cause.

We received a referral here about a great children’s book that we hope all of our readers take the time to pick up.

The book is not only filled with brightly colored pictures and great artwork but also tells the story of a true patriot and his found love.

The book Lizzy’s big trip is by Justin Misuraca of Rochester New York.

Justin is now working as a respiratory therapist in Denver Colorado for the Children’s hospital. The story Lizzy’s big trip is secretely about how Justin met his now wife Elizabeth Diaz-Misuraca. The book was his gift to his daughter Sophia Misuraca.

The story is about a mouse named Liz and a turkey named Justin. Liz is a mouse, mostly because Justin says his wife speaks so softly he often has trouble understanding her.

In Justin’s storybook, Liz the mouse takes care of sick mice and she dreams of moving to the mountains. When she moves, she meets a turkey named Justin and they have a wonderful day outside in the snow. The story is about their unlikely friendship and the time they spend together.


Joseph is the name of their son. Joseph was born at 23 weeks and only survived a few minutes. Sophie is almost 2 years old. Joseph and Sophie give Liz and Justin yet another reason to do their jobs with compassion and understanding.

Both Juston Misuraca and his wife Liz serve children and their community. Liz is a nurse in the ICU at The Children's Hospital. Justin is a respiratory therapist with the flight team that serves Children's.

In fact, with your purchase of Justin Misuraca 's book for your children one dollar for every copy of "Lizzy's Big Trip" will go to the Children's Hospital itself to help others.

We ask all those to support a father and an American family that serves it's community. Support the great cause both Justin and Elizabeth Misuraca work for at the local Children's hospital.

See more on Google books.

Children’s Book For A Cause

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