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Dear Donna Brazile, You are a moron.

By on October 21, 2010

Been awhile since some liberal talking head for CNN was so blatently syupid that I felt a need to look at what they call Journalism. Donna Brazile, the current cliche black democrat excuse maker for CNN has a new article online called “Brazile: Republicans Aren’t Enthusiastic, Just Mad”
explaining why Democrats “losing big” when the people vote, is ok and normal and means nothing.

Donna Brazile opens with this:
“The Democrats will probably lose seats; the party that controls the White House usually does in the midterm elections.”

First off,…”probably”?

In the very best case scenerio for Democrats, they will lose maybe 35-40 seats in congress.
The normal losses she talks about is around 20-25 seats. So even on the best day Democrats ever had the losses are still 50% higher than usual.

The likely losses are closer to 50 seats and control of the house. The number 50 would be twice as many as usual and would be in the range of top 3 firing days in the last 80 years.

I understand it is her job to minimalize the failures of her party and her “black Jesus” Barrack Obama, but who is she fooling?

I assume that when Obama doesnt get reelected, CNN will start calling him the “half-white”.

Donna Brazile continues:
“But let’s dispose of some myths. The country is not “disgusted” with Democratic policies, as some media commentators wish we would believe. “

Lets take a look at how she picks her facts to try and hide the truth.

There are 133 Democrat seats up for election. As of today, 39 of them are expected to be clearly lost. So that is 29% of the Cemocrat seats are lost. There is also 40 more seats that are tossups as of today. This totals 79 out of 133 that are toss ups or lost. The facts say that 60% of the Democrats up for re-election are within 3 points of losing their job.

On the other side we have 16 Republicans up for Reelection. Of that 16, currently 2 of them are considered likely lost. That would be 12% lost. The toss ups are currently also 2 seats of 16. That totals 25% are in question.

So, Donna: 60% of Democrats are tossups or lost, while 25% of Republicans are tossup or lost. Democrats are getting fired at over double the rate of Republicans.

But Donna Brazile says “The country is not “disgusted” with Democratic policies”. Numbers don’t lie sweetie, but talking heads on CNN do when their party is sinking like rats on a ship.

Now lets look at Donna as she tries to pretend democrats are on the winning side of arguments that concern the nation:

“strong majorities favor a Medicare-style national health plan, even if they have to pay more for insurance….Another Harris Interactive poll found that Americans “overwhelmingly supported the Democrats’ efforts to tighten regulations on Wall Street.”

She tries to change the dabate here. 70% of americans OPPOSE the health care plan Democrats voted to pass, the real one, the current one. Why is she discussing numbers about a generic mythical plan, when there are polls on the ACTUAL health care plan that only Democrats voted for. Lets not forget, opposition to the health Care takeover was bi-partisan. Both parties voted against this health care bill, while only further left Democrats voted for it.

And to say people support the Democrats “efforts to tighten regulations”? What does that even mean to the people you polled. Thats like asking people if they support lower CO2 emissions, then later telling them they need to stop exhaling. And since when is that even a top 5 issue in the election?

Donna, we’d love to hear the polls on the top 5 issues.
How does America feel about health care that was passed? 70% oppose.
How does America feel about Obama sueing Arizona for trying to stop illegals? 70% oppose.
How does America feel about liberal amnesty plans? 70% oppose
How does america feel about cap and trade? 60% oppose
How does America feel about the Stimulus? 70% oppose
How does America feel about Obama’s war? 70% oppose

Lastly, Donna Brazile gives us the “winner of the prom queen” argument to prove popularity.
“you don’t draw the kinds of crowds President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton have been drawing if there’s a lack of enthusiasm.”

Donna, Hugo Chavez also draws a big crowd, does that really validate their followers ideals? Glenn Beck just drew 300,000 people to his rally, which would be about 20 Obama rallies combined. and lastly, where are these “huge crowds”? Today they are in San Francisco, Seattle and LA. Last week they were on TV and sponsered by MTV and BET.

The worst thing that has ever happened to this country, in politics, in my lifetime, is the Obama winning. This is not related to who he is or his policies, this is because he is the first president ever elected by Hollywood and youtube videos.

Barrack Obama with his traveling teleprompter he draws a crowd like any brainless celebrity would. A Paris Hilton Concert would draw 10,000 people also.

Donna, the real “Obama-Clinton” rally we need to pay attention to is the one happening in 12 days. At that rally we will see who turns out the biggest crowds. At last check Obama’s “big crowds” will be losing 55 house seats and 8 senate seats.

All the media spin, fake scandals, dirty ads, union cash, race-cards, gay-cards and muslim hate cards the leftist have in their deck won’t be enough to change the fact that Democrats have been an enormous failure since 2006. There is no sugar coating crap this foul.

Dear Donna Brazile, You are a moron.

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