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Giovanni Ramirez Gang Member

By on May 23, 2011

So today the news is “kinda filled” with the news of Mexican gang member Giovanni Ramirez.

Giovanni Ramirez who is living in Los Angeles was caught for the crime of assault with a deadly weapon for the beating into a coma of Bryan Stow, a 42-year-old father of two from Santa Cruz, California.

The news noticed they caught him, the noticed he beat a father of 2 into a coma at a dodgers game, they just didn’t notice he is a member of Varrio Nuevo Estrada Mexican street gang. They also didn’t seem to notice the 60%+ likeliness that this makes him an illegal alien, and the 90%+ likeliness that hes at minimum an anchor baby.

Not as much press as the Anchor baby that killed Osama, which turns out is a fake story but still managed to be on every channel and newspaper front page the next day.

It’s ok to mention race when it’s some make believe agenda pusher, but not when 3 Mexican gang members living in Los Angeles beat a white father into a coma for no reason.

The cut and paste Associated Press story by By CHRISTOPHER WEBER that is published in all the liberal newspapers right now and dominates internet results does not even mention the 3 prior felony convictions that Mexican gang member Giovanni Ramirez has dating back to 1998. The Liberal associated press also makes no mention that he is a documented member of a Mexican street and drug gang.

For those looking for facts and not fluff,..Giovanni Ramirez is a documented member of the Varrio Nuevo Estrada street gang, as released already by the LAPD.

Do a quick search of the liberal media and find the AP article, New York Times and other sources not mentioning his Mexican gang ties in the article. The only source was the exact press release by the LAPD, the release that seems ignored by the left wing sympathists.

According to the Department of Justice, an estimated 60% of Los Angeles gang members were illegal immigrants, so even by conservative estimate that means 2 of the 3 guilty of beating a father of two to coma at a baseball game are illegals in Los Angeles.

This makes them elidgible for in state tuition, WIC, Food stamps, unemployment, drivers licenses…list goes on.

If you google news the term Giovanni Ramirez Illegal immigrant you dont find a single “news” story in the liberal newspaper world even asking the question.

Just a week after Obama is in El paso (most illegal major city in America) yelling si se puede, and trying paint himself Irish, guess this wouldn’t be good for the lefts illegal immigrant voter registration drive.

Obama better hope this murderer doesn’t turn up to be an illegal, and only ‘all’ his friends are, so he can spin this as racism and not Mexican born murder in our streets.

The other question left off the pages of the leftist media seems to be “why”? Most articles claim that it is because the white skinned father of 2 was wearing San Francisco team colors. Has not been a single mention of hate crime legislation of 3 Mexican’s living illegally or legally in Los Angeles beating a white man for no apperant reason.

As we all know the truth about this ommission, hate crimes are only when white people commit the beating, not a mention of it when white is the victim.

Call it what you want, but it is the reality that apparently only I have the balls to say outloud?

Maybe Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa will put his foot down and work to rid Los Angeles of the 34 major gangs in Los Angeles comprised of 60% illegals from Mexico?

Surely Antonio Villaraigosa isn’t worried about votes when something like this is happening in his city?

Surely. (laugh)

I supose once we catch these three we can work on deporting thousands of the illegals included in the 46,000 prisoners about to be released onto the streets in California as per this week? has the official number of illegals in California prisons at:
“29% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens.”

So this week the Supreme court is going to release about 13,300 illegal aliens from state prisons because of “needless suffering” from being overcrowded.

So if we didnt have 108,000 (newsmax from illegal aliens in our California prisons we would not have to release this 46,000 onto the streets.

Another never mentioned effect of the 20 million illegals in our nation, our states like California forced to release 46,000 (13,300 illegals) onto the streets.

Lets hope these 13,000 illegal immigrant prisoners don’t like baseball.
And if they do, lets hope they only assault white parents of two, so that it isn’t a hate crime.

Giovanni Ramirez Gang Member

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