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Obama is Irish! Missouri isn’t.

By on May 23, 2011

Obama is in Ireland today drinking beer at the local pub, making a great joke about always paying his tab. The crowd laughed at such a great line.

He was in the streets shaking hands, telling Irish fanatics that he is looking for a “lost apostrophy” in his lineage. Street vendors sold Obama bread, kiss Obama hes irish tshirts and special blend Irish beer for the president’s celebration!

Obama gave a lengthy speech where he spoke in the celtic dialect and the crowd roared and laughed at such endless funy one liners! Everyone was smiling and super excited.

This was all about Obama finding his roots. Don;t listen to CNN reporting there are 40 million irish voters in America and Obama may get a nice bump for 2012 from this “amazing” news!

Meanwhile, back in the country that voted for him, in a state that he won by the thinest of lines in Missouri, the second deadliest tornado in the History of the United States has currently kill 119 people and rising still maybe to be as high as 150 or more.

Among the dead there are black, white and irish bodies buried in the rubble of a city that has been completely destoryed. Citizens are pulling live and dead bodies of women, children and the elderly from the detroyed communities.

Back to the news flash.

In Ireland Obama then gave a speech about the economy of Ireland and how it’s alot like the problems in the USA, he attended a dinner of Irish food as well.

And hearts raced as the presidents LIMO GOT STUCK! during a parade, but the people of Joplin Missouri are happy to hear that he is ok and the limo was fine.

Our president has now decided to leave Ireland and not stay their tonight. A Volcano in Iceland exploded and the cloud of dust has a slight chance of reaching Ireland and making the sky dark colored. Due to this peril and risk he has decided to fly to London.

Once in London he will spend two days of business and pleasure, before another trip to Poland.

After he’s done with his 6 important days he is expected to return to the United states.

6 days is about the maximum time a buried person can generaly live when buried under tornado rubble.

Hope and change.

Obama is Irish! Missouri isn’t.

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