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Obama has a big idea

By on January 13, 2012

The other title of this post is Obama has very very old Repuiblican idea.

Well it’s election season which means that flowers are in bloom, families are out spending time together and of course Barack Obama is suddenly a moderate again.
Today the president decided that he needs more power so he can do what all conservative’s have been saying to do for the last 40 years.
But this time of course the crowd of drooling liberals cheered the idea, since the it came from the mouth of the human poll number.

Smaller government, cut waste and spend less, all straight off a Ron Paul bumper sticker an into the 42% approval rated president’s mouth.
Difference here is that when Ron Paul or Paul Ryan say this, they are greedy 1% fat cats that want to fire teachers. When the president steals their ideas and reads them off a teleprompter it is a big idea.

That’s the president’s job building plan, steal old republican ideas, pretend they are new and his and create himself 1 job in 2012.

I am reminded of when the same generals George Bush used wanted 40k more troops and Obama gave him the troops, he then “killed?” Osama Bin Laden by doing the same thing Bush did,. but suddenly it was a great big idea.

A Republican sends kids to war and MTV makes movies about the poor families that it hurts, Obama steals G. W. Bush’s playbook and he is a genius, gets a bump in the polls and gets a Nobel Peace Prize.

From the Huffington Post:
“President Barack Obama is asking Congress for the power to shrink the federal government and merge federal agencies in an effort to make government more efficient and consumer friendly.
The president is calling it “a big idea”

So the big idea of the historic president sure sounds like an amazing game changer, he even had charts, jokes and fainting fans there to greet it.
We get this amazing original plan that “he thought of all by himself” for the low low price of 1200 lost jobs and he promises it will save a stagering 300 million dollars a year! Thats slightly more than his Jet costs us yearly.

So why do we need to save 3 billion dollars over 10 years? A pitiful 300 million dollars per year.
Well lets see what we did with that 300 million dollars.

Take your pick from the short list totaling 5 billion dollars Obama wasted when he passed his Stimulus bill that was suppose to save the economy.

How about:
“Professors and employees of Iowa state universities voluntarily taking early retirement ($43 million)” or
“Recovering crab pots lost at sea in Oregon ($700,000)”

300 million dollars a year and he calls it the big idea.
If the defecit he has run every year since entering office was a swimming pool, the big idea he conveniently gets right before election season would be about enough watter to make a single espresso. Very big idea indeed.

And to do this he says he needs more power to make changes without the normal process that keeps him from achieving such amazing savings.

The last time the president had an idea this big it was named Solyndra and it cost the taxpayers 300 million dollars in lost money. It’s good to know he has a plan to get back the money he lost.

Now if we could get Obama to stop flying around and giving campaign speeches for his own job maybe we could save on the $650,000,000 that Air Force One has cost US taxpayers since he took office.I think Ireland could do without Obama drinking a pint of beer until unemployment is below the promised 8%.

Obama has a big idea

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