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Tim Thomas Snubs The Socialist

By on January 24, 2012

Obamacare, Stimulus, Bailouts, regulations, recess appointments, solyndra, fast and furious guns killing Americans….You can’t get one past Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins.

Boston Bruins Goaltender decided that he does not wish to visit the President for a photo opportunity. He stated his personal belief is that the Federal government attacks liberty and personal freedoms of Americans.

The liberal media of course snapped back, saying he is disrespectful to the office. One reporter for what is stated as the “Irish Voice on The Internet” wrote an article titled Tim Thomas Hates The Troops. Where he said that the Tim Thomas needs to “salute the rank” of President Obama, no matter what his beluefs are.

I think the reporter mentioned above should go and research who the military votes for every 4 years, it’s not the democrats, it’s not Obama.

Tim Thomas is not in the army, not property of the United States Government. He is a person who works for a private company and no affiliation or required duty to a single man no matter how great the mn’s ego is.

Liberal reporters never had much negative to say when A United States National Team coach snubbed president Bush right before she flew off to represent America in the Olympics. An Employee of the United States, representing the United States stated that she doen’t like Bush’s Politics and wouldn’t have a dinner with him.

United States women’s soccer team head coach Pia Sundhage declined an invitation to meet President Bush at the White House. In an interview with the Aftonbladet newspaper, Sundhage states she does not share his political views and does not wish to meet him. Sundhage is currently renewing her contract after coaching the U.S. women’s soccer team to gold during these past Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

The leader of our national team snubs a president, cause she is a liberal lesbian, and she says I dont share his politics and don’t want to meet him.

Sounds like Tim Thomas with the HUGE difference that he doesn’t work for the United States Government as a role model and representative of the country to the world.

No outrage over that one, when it’s clear she should have been fired the next day for the comment. How can you represent the country as a whole and snub the leader of that same country because you are openly gay and don’t like his beliefs on that matter.

Had a straight member of the national team snubbed a gay president would it have been the same?

Or would it have been more of the liberal double standard we see here today with Tim Thomas.
Tim Thomas who is not a United States National team coach, who is just a private member of the society.

From the If the “Don’t tread on me” Gadsden flag reference on Tim Thomas’ goalie mask hadn’t made the point clearly enough, the netminder’s decision to skip the Boston Bruins’ team meeting with President Obama on Monday certainly did. Yes, Thomas, arguably the most dynamic goalie in the NHL, is a tea partyer, a believer in less, not more, government. But Thomas’ White House snub, in which he cited “threats” to individual liberty by a government growing “out of control,” made the Stanley Cup MVP an instant pariah among many Bruins fans in liberal Boston, where one columnist labeled his move “bratty.” But the decision may also be resonating with those who believe that individual conviction trumps collective”

Tim Thomas Snubs The Socialist

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