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Obama Romney Even in Polls

By on August 18, 2012

We have put alot of time into debunking the fake polling wing of the Democrat owned media in America. 2 Weeks ago it was Polls giving a +11 Democrats sample set in Ohio and in PA and Florida polling Democrats at a rate higher than the 2008 turnout. Not a single “journalist” would state he expects a bigger turnout than 2008′s hope and change scam produced. Yet, here we are with polling outlets whos sole purpose is to be accurate in gauging the outcome using information they know to be bad and publishing the results with a lie of accuracy. Of course, the goal is to try and influence the election. This is why the left owns the media outlets, newspapers and pollsters so they can manipulate the gullible voters they rely on.

Heck, they even have America believing Obama is super popular and Bush was the devil, but in reality Obama’s approval has been below Bush’s consistantly the entire time in office.

Whenevr you liberals see a FACT and say “wow, I didn’t know that”, ask yourself what other narratives the media has you fooled on.

We pointed out this past week that the most accurate polls all have Romney even or winning in all polls. While the registered voters polls showed Obma up by 7 or 9% the more accurate polls of likely voters have never shown a single good poll result with Obama better than +4. You would have to go back to June 18th and use the Bloomberg poll of 750 likely voters to find anything with “likely voters” showing obama better than 4% ahead.

Keep in mind that Bloomberg poll showed a completely laughable 13% lead, more than triple the average of all polls.

Other than this, we have the best Likely voter poll Obama has had in the past 2 months is a +4% done by Democratic Supports Public Policy Polling, a +3% lead shown by ultra liberal Newsweek and a +3% in Likely voters done by “Democracy Corp” another Democrat pollster.

Since everyone in polotics knows likely voter polls are far more accurate, im still curious why so many “organizations” even bother with the registered voter polls. Last I checked being registered doesn’t mean much at the ballot box counting.

If you look at the last 60 days of polls on and take only the “likely voter” polls you find 13 polls with an average of Obama leading by 1.8%

Now let’s see who is doing these polls?
Of the 13 pollsters actaully doind “likely voter” polls we find 10 of 13 are Democrat news sources. Just like on TV or in the media the liberals make sure their big money controils the information they feed you.

Of the 10 sources we find Newsweek, Washington Times, Democracy Corp, NPR and Public Policy polling.

I heard one fact once from a talking head on TV I consider good advice. Don’t pay attention to numbers pay attention to trends.
And last I Checked the betting odds on Romney was around 35% to win, as of today it is 42.2% to Obamas 57%.

Seven days ago before the addition of Paul Ryan it was at 38.1%. This is another ahaa moment since the media and the Obama supporters have been screaming what an awful selection this is. The left hates reality, facts and the admission of having opinions opposite of actual Americans.

So their fact for the day is that the Romney vs Obama race is a coin toss right now and Obama has outspent Romney in every month this year in his disgusting slanderous, tasteless dirty ads.

Good luck holding even when Romney does the same with 30% more money at his disposal.
Ding Dong the witch is dead.

Obama Romney Even in Polls

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