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GoDaddy Websites Down By Anonymous

By on September 10, 2012

You are not alone if you are wondering why is my website down right now. Around noon on Monday September 10th, 2012 A large number of Gadaddy hosted websites on shared servers all lost service. This means if you are wondering why you Godaddy email is also not working? Yep same issue.

Want to know how to get your site back up?

Calling won’t help as Godaddy is currently working to restore service and getting about 100,000 calls per hour about the outage.
A few more facts:

1) if you have a website hosted by the – it’s down
2) if you have an email address by them – it’s down
3) if you have a ftp storage by them – it’s down
4) if you want to change a domains information – you can’t
5) if you have a domain at Google apps, or goDaddy, or DomainsByProxy – it will be affected (When TTL runs out)
6) if you will call go daddy or visit them on the web – you will get nowhere.

GoDaddy Websites Down By Anonymous

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