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Romney Now Ahead in Polls

By on September 7, 2012

As per yesterday, Thursday September 6th, Romney has taken the lead in most National Polls and the President is behind. You can follow the line graph on and see this is the first time in months Romney has lead. This is also the latest in the trend of Mitt Romney making up ground and the president losing voters. I heard it said once to “not look at numbers but look at trends”, going into an election. Romney has been steadily climbing and has passed Barack Obama. As of today the RCP betting line has Obama at 58% to win the election. This number had been as high as 70% in the past as well.

In the latest polls from 24 hours ago, Rasmussen has Romney up by 3% and Gallup has Obama by 1%. Gallup used Registered voters which is far less accurate and historically distort the outcome by about 2-4% in Democrats favor. The Likely voter polls, which are more accurate of the outcome, have all leaned Romney for the past week.

And today, yet another poor jobs report is coming out as I type this and gas has risen in price the last 4 weeks straight to over $4 a gallon yet again.
Hope, Change and wait, wait and wait I guess.

Romney Now Ahead in Polls

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