McCain Hopes You Forgot

Lindsey Graham is out on the campaign trail asking all the people he called “bigots” for help. Traveling with his strongest ally in the war to grant amnesty to 20,000,000 illegal immigrants, Graham said everyone needs to be loyal to McCain for “one more mission”. Did graham listen to the 90% of South Carolina voters [...]

No License In North Carolina

So recently we wrote a response to an article by Rafael Zartha the editor of Mi Gente. Mi Gente (My people) is a “newspaper” for Spanish speaking readers.In one quick glance a person can see that all of the “articles” seem to relate to how illegal immigrants can continue to prosper. Fo this reason, lets [...]

Common Sense For City Counsil

News 14 provides a nice brief overview of the candidates for Charlotte City Counsil. The election is to take place in a couple of weeks and charlotte has a chance to abandon the pie in the sky promises and choose a candidate that addresses the common sense actual issues. The responses on this page are [...]

Rafael Zartha CL Article

I today landed on an old Creative Loafing page which has an “article” by the editor of the Spanish language “newspaper” El Gente, which means “my people”. In the article, Rafael Prieto Zartha is commenting on a cartoon mocking Pat McCrory for inquiring about the legal status of illegal immigrants hiding in Charlotte. We will [...]

Kissing Bruton Smith’s Butt

Pucker up wimps! Well financial war was announced against the town of Concord and Mayor Scott Padgett made like the French. After telling Bruton Smith, owner of the Concord Speedway that he could not build a drag strip in Concord due to the noise and zoning problems for residents, Smith then said he would close [...]

Disrespecting Jim Pendergraph

You know that illegal alien that has 4 DWI charges and 3 domestic assault charges? Sheriff Pendergraph would deport him………County Commissioner Park Helms will make sure he is released back on the Charlotte streets, even if it means destroying our Sheriff’s department. Democrat county commissioner Parks Helms proposed this week that the county commission should [...]

Pendergraph Coming For Illegals

I believe the stability of our country is at stake – Jim Pendergraph The pride of local law enforcement for the Charlotte Mecklenburg area and the voice for Americans in illegal immigrantion is moving up to do more for America. Mecklenburg County Sheriff Jim Pendergraph has long represented honest Americans against criminal aliens in North [...]


NC Says No To SCHIP? Well, for the most part yes. With insane taxes to be attached to cigarettes and open back doors for illegal immigrants in a state overrun with them, North Carolina lawmakers in Washington said no to the SCHIP program of socialized healthcare. From “Also voting against the bill were eight [...]

287g Removes Criminals

This week, Myrick sent a letter to North Carolina leaders, urging state corrections officers to find out if every incoming inmate is a legal citizen or not. “The advantage to this is North Carolina could then transfer the criminal illegal aliens into federal custody after they serve their sentences, which is going to save time [...]

Sue Myrick Denounces Calderon

Myrick Denounces Mexican President for Criticizing American Laws (Washington, D.C.) — Today, Rep. Sue Myrick (NC-9) denounced Mexican President Felipe Calderón’s State of the Union speech. President Calderón delivered the speech on September 2, 2007. In the speech he stated “Mexico does not end at the border. Wherever there is a Mexican, Mexico will be [...]

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