No Lights On At Google

Well, what was once “global warming” and the “threat of hurricaine seasons” has slowly transformed into climate change and now into energy conservation. The long time respectable pursuit of conserving energy has slowly been hijacked by the global warming nut-jobs as they try to make it all the same debate. The way to seem legitimate [...]

Defeating America’s Enemies

Imagine the morning after an attack even more devastating than 9/11. It could happen. The threats are real and could literally destroy our country. There are weapons of mass destruction, weapons of mass murder, and weapons of mass disruption—nuclear is first, biological and chemical is second, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is third. All are real, and [...]

McCain raps Congress

AP – Republican John McCain said Saturday that Congress could share in the blame for the Minnesota bridge collapse because lawmakers diverted billions of dollars in transportation money from road work to pet projects.

About Matricula Consular Card

Did you know that the Matricula Consular card which is issued in the United states to be used by Illegal immigrants, or Immigrants that cant get American ID (same), is not accepted in Mexican banks? The same ID that Bank of America is accepting everyday to open accounts and issue credit cards is not even [...]