Florida GOP Debate Video

bmqKo_71-mg CSPAN Junkie is on youtube and again provides us with the complete coverage of the GOP debate in Florida from October 21, 2007. Start with video #1 shown here to the left then you can jump directly to seing the entire debate in 10 parts available online and here. pretty much the lightest debate [...]

Ron Paul Debate Video

XWDK4DhuEZ0 Since television won’t give equal air time or ofer an open ear to candidates like Ron Paul, we will dedicate some time herew today. I am not sure what candidates are “like Ron Paul” as he is a one of a kind offering. The recent MSNBC debate gave us a few more great deliveries [...]

Democrat Debate In Miami

I just had to walk out of the room before the end of the pandering event on Univision. The democratic candidates are currently having a competition to promise the most amnesty to Illegals. In America where 99% of residents that are able to vote legally speak english, the Dems seem to think they needed a [...]

No! to YouTube Debates

I breathed a sigh of relief when most of the Republican presidential hopefuls declined to participate in the next YouTube debate.