Dear Donna Brazile, You are a moron.

Been awhile since some liberal talking head for CNN was so blatently syupid that I felt a need to look at what they call Journalism. Donna Brazile, the current cliche black democrat excuse maker for CNN has a new article online called “Brazile: Republicans Aren’t Enthusiastic, Just Mad” explaining why Democrats “losing big” when the [...]

How Health Care Reduces the Deficit

Republicans have been living by the Congressional Budget Office’s numbers and some say the GOP now must die by those numbers. Not so fast. Above the fold on page one of the Wall Street Journal today is this article that “New Math Boosts Health Plan.” What new math? The CBO has released numbers on the [...]

NBC Propaganda Watch

As we have pointed out in the past NBC is indirectly owned by Barrack Hussein Obama. Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of NBC Universal parent GE was hired by Barrack Obama as a member of his new economic advisory board. So in short, the guy who runs General electric and also runs NBC which is owned by [...]