Another Parker Griffith slap at his old party

Another Parker Griffith slap at his old party Party-switching Rep. Parker Griffith (R-Ala.) continues to bite the hand that once fed him, with an op-ed in the Daily Caller suggesting his old party is filled with a bunch of freedom-hating socialists. This administration continues to bypass the American spirit as the answer to our recovery [...]

Shut Up and Take Your Socialized Medicine.

Well, in every single poll americans have stated they do not support President Obama’s socialized medicine. Every polls says to the Senate that america opposes this bill. The senate has responded with a nice blunt “deal with it, were smarter than you all”. The Democrat party has Unanimously voted to to tell Americans their opinion [...]

Health Caring For Reelection

Well, despite the great personal risks to their own great personal job security the Democrat party only need 10 months to bribe their own senators to commit personal suicide. With the Democrats secure in losing a number of senate seats in 2010 they realized they needed to try anything to save their crashing poll numbers. [...]

Morning of October 8, 2009

RedState Morning Briefing For October 8, 2009 Sign up to get the morning briefing by email here. Note: I’ll be sitting in for Fred Thompson today, co-hosting his radio program with Jeri Thompson. You can check it out here. 1. Is Kevin Jennings the Safe Schools Czar or the Statutory Rape Czar? 2. The DOOM [...]