How Many Mexicans Did Obama Kill Today?

President Obama gave legal US status today to 1.7 Million Illegals. Does this make him even for the 200 Mexicans he murdered? What is 200 dead Mexicans and the facts behind it when you can buy 1 million voters? The president today is very proud of his vote buying being portrayed as humanitarian actions for [...]

Illegals Raise Unemployment

Unemployment is at 10.2% the highest in decades while under Obama’s watch. Obama promised it would never get above 8% if we let him spend a trillion dollars to stimulate the economy. The president is going to create “green jobs” and so far they cost more per job than just handing $50,000 to each person. [...]

Lindsay Graham Pardoned

Our writers at Charlotte Conservative were the inventors of the Lindsay Graham Countdown Clock. Lindsay let down the people of his region, insulted honest legal Americas and legal immigrants when he spoke to La Raza and pushed for amnesty for illegal immigrants. Thankfully, law abiding Americans were heard and this amnesty for 20 million criminals [...]

Tim Carnes Transcript

PlpK07RvGJQ I have taken the time to produce the full text of the speech given in Greenville, South Carolina by Tim Carnes, Republican candidate for South Carolina Senate. Tim Carnes is a true conservative running to replace the sellout Lindsey Graham. Lindsey has already stockpiled cash from donation and corporate money to retain his seat [...]

La Raza Pulls Race Card

“Stephen Dinan, writing for The Washington Times, in a story published yesterday entitled “Hispanic Group Aims To Stop ‘Wave of Hate,’” quotes Cecelia Munoz of the National Council of La Raza, speaking in the context of the recent defeat of the Senate’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill: I don’t think we should be comfortable with the [...]

Dump Lindsey Graham

Weeks ago we were a part of the original wave of Dump Lindsey Graham web movements. Michelle Malkin brought huge attention to our Lindsey Graham countdown clock to the tune of about 12,000 readers from her site. We appreciate her support on that idea. Now a few weeks have passed and the Dump Lindsey Graham [...]

Message To Lindsey Graham

Dear Lindsey Graham: Now we can use this post to send Lindsey a message. Our site is referenced on CBS newsblog and Michelle Malkin’s blog about the Dump Lindsey Graham campaign that is underway. For this reason we get alot of exposure surely seen by his election team and him personally.

Americans Want Laws Enforced

Here is a reasonable and balanced article about the “hold their feet to the fire rally in Washington”. I challenge Michele Waslin of La Raza to push for a national vote on Immigration, if she is so certain that “most Americans” support rewarding criminal aliens with American Citizenship. The rally of radio hosts was to [...]