Obamacare's control plan? 'Behavior modification'

Obamacare's control plan? 'Behavior modification' The online Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders says "behavior modification," a controversial psychological treatment, can be accomplished through positive reinforcement or "punishment," and now President Obama has signed an executive order specifying the treatment for American citizens whose health may not be what he wants. Obama's order appoints members to a [...]

Limbaugh:Have You Considered Resigning?

Limbaugh Says Obama Needs to be Told: "Stop Your Agenda; Have You Considered Resigning?" – Audio Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh today saying the best way President Obama can help lower unemployment is by resigning from office. Limbaugh said as long as Obama is pursuing his policies, there will be no real economic recovery. [...]

CNN Survivors And Obama

Look at this article about Obama’s photo op at the Buchenwald Nazi camp: CNN does anything they can to pretend Obama is linked to the nazi deaths and his fight against murder and dictators.